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LooperNation tells us what they are looking forward to, Disneywise, in 2015! It's your show & your prognostications (yeah it's a word!)! Joffrey’s created a handy new coffee locator for their Disney kiosks and restaurants: Also, they are releasing their Joffrey’s 30th anniversary blend.  Its Joffrey’s 30th anniversary of roast to order artisan coffees.  This blend is a masterful mix of Papau New Guinea Nebilyer Valley AX and Organic Bali Blue Moon beans, providing a zesty citrus essence with crisp winey notes that give way to a wonderful chocolate finish.  They are offering 30% off this coffee only, coupon code:   ANNIVERSARY through 3/31/15. When we keep moving forward, we need to: “Please stand clear of the doors”! Thank you for downloading Episode 180 of! This episode of is brought to you by the Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company! Special thanks to Joe Quattrocchi for today's show open!!! Email or call in your own special open for the show! Voicemail: (414) WDW-LOOP
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